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Monument Valley

Monument Valley
Monument Valley

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    January 23, 2020

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    Jan 7, 2021

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In "Monument Valley", you will help a silent princess out of a colorful and gorgeous world by controlling some ingenious buildings.

The young princess Ada stole the kingdom's sacred geometry out of curiosity, a seemingly harmless act that led to the demise of the entire kingdom.

Understanding her mistake, the princess began a journey to return the sacred geometry, asking for forgiveness and pardon. But it was too late, the spirits of the people in the land had turned into raven men, wandering around the kingdom, bound and unable to leave the land (in the game raven men walk along a fixed route). The young princess Ada has a sorcerer's spell behind her, so she will not die. On the way to return the geometry, the helper Totem is encountered. When Princess Ada passed the royal tomb, she offered flowers to the king, made a painful confession and vowed to return the geometry. After the geometry was all reset, the people of the kingdom saw the actions of the young princess Ada and forgave the young princess Ada. The crows people also turned into colorful birds.

At this point, Princess Ada found that it was actually a soul body, but the king in the sky saw Ada's actions and decided to pass down the crown for Ada to inherit the throne, and Ada transformed into a white bird and left the Valley of the Monument with the people.


How To Play

Chapter 1

Turn the button on the lower right side to reach the upper part.

Chapter 2: The Garden.

Rotate the middle button to this point, go to the bottom, press the orange button, and a new path will appear on the right.

Come directly to the top, rotate the middle button so that the road connects to the right side, walk to the right side and press the orange button. The dark gray road will then move up, turn this knob and you will find that the road is magically connected because of the visual difference. Just walk directly to the end of the top.

Chapter 3: Hidden Temple.

The part with the dot can be moved. First move the adjacent wall over and walk up.

Directly right move the wall that Ada stepped on and let Ada walk to the upper level again. Slip the slidable wall next to it over, same thing, and let her walk to the cave entrance.

Click on the hole, Ada out of the upper hole. Pull down the slider immediately to the right and let Ada step on it. Move the slider up and let Ada touch the pink dot. The two towers will link up with each other and enter the hole on the right. Enter a black room, go straight up and talk to the blue figurine. Walk to the above location at the tower clock that appears, and the road in the middle will break. Walk to the spot with the pattern on the brick on the left. Slide down the moveable plate on the left side and the location where Ada is will go up. Let Ada walk to the location where she is in the picture, slide the slider on the right side and let Ada walk to the left side. Slide the right side so that the two parts line up. Ada go to the right side. Slide the moving board under your feet up and flush with the green button. Click the green button and then walk to the end.

Chapter 4: Water Palace.

Ada learned to fly the wall. Turn the handle to make the stairs connect and have Ada walk to the end of the path ......


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