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Gameshowing is a game sharing platform dedicated to girl gamers. The platform has different styles of high quality popular games that can support many different devices, including unlimited: Android, iOS, Xbox, PlayStation, Nintendo Switch, Mac and PC.

Gameshowing is a daily editorial selection of popular games for young girls, which players can download or buy directly from the official platform through the shared links.

The games recommended by Gameshowing can meet the different tastes and styles of many young girl gamers, and they can share and communicate with their identity friends at any time to enjoy the games.

Gameshowing only contains official links to download stores, not shared with developers, and is a game review platform that supports genuine games for download or payment.

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Founded in 2019, gameshowing has been committed to creating a warm, harmonious and fun platform for sharing games and bringing colorful gaming experiences to different players. You can contact us, check out our open positions, or check out our game developer platform. For more information about gameshowing, you can contact us directly.